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My Daily Fashion #8

Posted by DCM on September 30, 2009

Hi, this outfit is very pretty.  How I describe it is very Old Chicago.  I like this outfit because it has a vest.  That’s so me.  I also like it because it has the mini-skirt.  It’s unique design with the three buttons and side cut really puts the outfit together.  The necklace is very shiny with its little hint of gold.  When you look at the shoes, when you think it will be red it comes out to be a light purple.  With all of the certain color blends it looks very nice.  This outfit is very creative, and it’s a Bailey one-of-a-kind.  Thank you.



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My Daily Fashion #7

Posted by DCM on September 12, 2009

This outfit was inspired by a pair of pants that I used to wear when I was littler.  You can tell that the top is very summery.  I hope you enjoy this outfit.  Thank you.


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My Daily Fashions #6

Posted by DCM on August 10, 2009

Hi, this is a fashion of pairs of shoes.  Look at all of the things in these shoes, and it will look great.  These shoes are wedges.


These shoes have buttons at the top.  As you see one shoe is purplish and one shoe is more pinkish.  The leather at the top is really pretty.


These shoes look like they were worn earlier in the day, because they’re high-heeled sneakers.  And you would see them in a different time period.  I picked blue and pink because those are two of my favorite colors.


These shoes with a star on the bottom of each heel are very neat.  The pink high heels are very pretty.


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My Daily Fashions #5

Posted by DCM on August 9, 2009

Hi. Look at this outfit and you will enjoy it. Look close at the outfit and you can see lots of cool things on it. Look at the light yellow; it looks great with everything single thing in the outfit. Yellow and blue make me think of the ocean and the beach, so I hope you see that in this outfit too.


The brown in this outfit matches the buttons; the pink is something you don’t see in all my outfits. The shoes are very unusual with the stripes and the tip of the toe being brown. Thank you.


The top in this outfit is something very unusual, with the little strings sticking out of the side of it. The pants on these really blend in with the top because it has every color that is in the top. The pink on the shoes really kicks off. Thank you.


This outfit is a very crazy one. As you can see, the pink and the green and the green stripes on the pants really kick in. The belt and the necklace really look good with all the green. Look at this outfit and it would be something you would wear too. See if you can imagine yourself wearing this outfit. Thank you.


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My Daily Fashions #4

Posted by DCM on August 8, 2009

Hi. This outfit with the skirt and tights just really blends in with everything a Diva would wear.  I think by noticing all the red you see strikes of blue, and the cinnamon brown makes it look like a cookie.  It looks like cookie because whenever somebody wears it they will look like they’re so sweet.  When I made the red and the green in it I just thought those colors would really click, and I decided to put them in the outfit.

img064All of the colors in this outfit look like a rainbow, so I decided to make a rainbow purse that would blend in with everything that a Diva would wear.  The flowers and the orange in the dress really click in with everything that a Diva would like.  The boots were inspired by kiwi and strawberry smoothies.


This outfit was inspired by all of the American flags that we see.   The tank top has all of the colors that would be in the flag really blended.

img065This dress looks nice on a hard Diva with a tiny bit of black leather at the bottom, which really shows that the person’s tough.  With the green and the blue, it looks really nice with the whole outfit.  The fleeced collar really looks nice because it’s really fluffy.


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My Daily Fashions #3

Posted by DCM on August 7, 2009

Hi, I made this outfit because it was totally like a pop star.  And I saw a whole bunch of people on t.v. wearing this exact style.  This style is one of a kind.  It’s so cool, and it even looks good with a skirt.  My inspiration to make this style was Hannah Montana.  Thank you.


The inspiration to make this shirt was my self, because as you see I wrote my name on it.  The ear rings are diamonds to reflect somebody that was a pop star.  The brown stripes on the skirt were made to match the shoes.  I thought of the skirt before I thought of the shoes, but when it all came together it looked great.


This fashion is inspired by real people.  As you see lots of people go to work everyday in lots of businesses.  And this outfit in black and brown was inspired by a suit that my dad would wear while teaching.  But this is a girl’s outfit and I hope everyone enjoys it.


This is totally pop star because this is a jacket,  and it has her great outfit behind it.  This looks like somebody could be walking on the stage and pullng it off and showing her great outfit.  It took a long time to get all of the crosses done on the pants but it was worth it because it was fun to do this.  I love putting things on my blog.


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My Daily Fashion #2

Posted by DCM on August 6, 2009

When I was making these gloves, I wanted them  to match the dress and accessories so at first I made one glove yellow and one glove blue, but then I decided to make a fusion of yellow and blue.  The jewels on the skirt made me think of a real princess.  The color of the dress reminded me of a puffy princess with the fur along the bottom.  Thank you.  If you have any questions about this outfit just ask.


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My Daily Fashion #1

Posted by DCM on August 6, 2009

This is a style that you could see somebody famous wearing.  And I would like everybody that goes to my blog to see this because it’s the greatest style you can see.

I chose the color pink that someone who was a total princess diva would wear.

Fashion #1

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